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Here's what people are saying about Burgess Law:


I never realized how complicated probate was until I tried doing it on my own. When I realized I was in way over my head, I decided to research lawyers.  We have been very pleased with the services we received from Gretchen; she took care of all the details at a reasonable rate.  She was always quick to answer any questions we had throughout the process.  I plan to use her services again in the future to set up my husband's and my will.


~ Tina J.

After the death of my grandfather last year, my husband and I realized that we had to get our own estate plans in order.  We immediately contacted Gretchen to get the process started. Gretchen was a pleasure to work with! She is clearly very knowledgeable of estate law and what needs to be done to close all potential loopholes. Gretchen walked us through the process and was extremely patient with us as we took our time and made some critical decisions.  We had no idea the number of decisions we would have to make or how complex the process would be.  When everything was finalized, it was a huge relief for both of us to know that our estate plan was in order.  We greatly appreciate all of the work Gretchen did for us and would highly recommend her to anyone considering getting their own affairs in order.


~ Kristin N.

I strongly recommend the law services of Gretchen Burgess!  My family needed several law actions completed within a short period of time. Gretchen took no hesitation with moving into action.  She met with me and my family at times most convenient to us and completed the work within the time given. Compared to other attorneys, her rates are hard to beat!


~Sandra G.

My husband and I met Gretchen about 2 1/2 years ago.  A our attorney at a larger firm in town was getting ready for retirement and she wanted to know if Gretchen would be interested in representing one of her clients (my niece).  I had spoken to Gretchen on several occassions and found her to be very personable. Without blowing my own trumpet, I consider myself to be a good judge of character, and I don't mind telling you, I was spot on!  


Ms. Burgess represents my niece.  She is an adult with a disability. To an outsider looking in, it would appear that she is of a normal functioning capacity. For this very reason, she is vulnerable, and is a magnet to predators.  This very issue has been a tremendous challenge and can at times compound other issues.  In the best interest of our niece's health and safety, we needed an independent relationship with someone to handle issues that were out of our league; someone that could bring equality and balance, not only to my niece's life, but to our lives as well.  


I can't tell you how having Gretchen in our lives has changed them for the better!  She came to us with an open mind and seemed eager for knowledge about our situation. Gretchen cared about our thoughts and our feelings.  She took a humane approach to our situation.  She wanted to understand where we were coming from, what our needs were, and how to address the different situations we were facing.  In a society that encourages competition and advancement, I found her to be humble and down to earth.  I felt like a door had been opened and fresh air came flowing through. If anyone has or knows someone with a disability, then you can relate to what I'm saying.  Gretchen made us feel that we had something to bring to the table. There were no egos in that room the first day we met, just people working together for the good of everyone involved.  


It's just my opinion, but finding a good lawyer is just as important as finding a good doctor; ideally, one that has a good bedside manner.  They say you really only need one true friend.  I say it doesn't hurt to have a good lawyer in your corner either.  If I'm going to spend my hard-earned money, I'm going to spend it where it will benefit me the most.  The bottom line is if you want a lawyer who believes your voice counts, who's intelligent, and does exactly what she says she is going to do, as well as represents you with style and grace, don't look any further.


~ Maureen R.